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Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy: As a progressive educator, I believe education serves to teach students the value of becoming a global citizen, who is effectively prepared and able to contribute to bettering society. I strive for students to leave our classroom understanding their role in the growing aspects of their lives, whether it regards advocacy, social skills, or a newfound love of learning. Along with cultivating more knowledgeable and global citizens, each student will be taught how to enjoy learning and solve problems in both independent and collaborative environments. Progressive theories suggest bringing the student to center focus within the classroom, and by doing so, facilitate better student learning via a hands-on approach. In our classroom, I focus on shaping a student’s ability to learn by teaching students to take pieces of different information and synthesizing them in an effective way.
Students learn this skill by practicing collaboratively and individually with current events and social matters firsthand. My personal passion is helping students find how they learn best, grow from their weaknesses, and cultivate their strengths. My role is furthered by cultivating a generation of learners who are able to think for themselves and be prepared to approach problems productively as they arise.
My objective for each school year includes three main goals: to focus on creating a strong rapport with students, forging real-world connections and relevant themes within my classroom curriculum, and teaching my students how to love learning.