International Baccalaureate » IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 9 and 10

IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 9 and 10

At South Shore International, all students in grades 9 and 10 are MYP students. This being said MYP is not a specific academic programme like CTE or IBDP. It is a framework for teaching and learning. Students are exposed to rigorous curriculum that focuses on communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, and the learner profile. Students are given opportunities to learn through inquiry. Moreover, traditional curriculum in the MYP is tied to 6 larger Global Contexts to promote international mindedness and global awareness.
All Sophomore students are currently focusing on their Personal Project! This is a self-driven inquiry project that students complete on a topic of their choice. Students must design a Learning Goal and a Product based on inquiry and research. Please refer to the attached files below for more information.